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Why Kids Mobile Tracker?

  • Kids Tracker is the all in one phone tracker application for your online tracking needs with a dashboard replete with latest features.
  • We implement data encryption to ensure 100% secure monitoring services.
  • Our app guarantees complete non-visibility. Your children will be oblivious of the fact that they are being tracked.
  • Out phone tracking system is up-to-the-minute. Tracking information is up to date with data from the target phone getting updated every 5 minutes.
  • The Kids tracker mobile phone tracking system can be installed by anyone in just a few clicks and minimum technical knowledge. The installation guide is there to help for any model-specific guidance.
kids safety


This is a complete parental control app and acts just as a parental control app. Unlike some other apps, which can also act as spyware to push ads and other things. In kids tracker, the things that you can'ts see on your dashboard.

eazy installation

Simple Installation

It takes just a few clicks and no tech knowledge to install the kid's tracker. You can follow the installation guide and also the knowledge base for any model-specific information.

Kidstracker is very special..

Kidstracker is very special and different from all other mobile tracking app's, Kidstracker has outstanding feature like compare to other applications it consumes very less battery, also very less phone memory and processor usage.

Kidstracker application consumes very less battery usage, if application run whole day continuously it consumes only 3% - 5% battery life. For sure other applications consumes 30% battery life.

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Let us help you...

Product support

If you're having trouble installing our app on your device or if you have any other trouble, our experts are waiting for you to help you solve your issues. If you have any questions mail us at [email protected]

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