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About KidsTracker

In today’s digital world, children and mobile phones are inseparable and children glued to their mobile phones for hours together is a common sight. You as a parent are bound to worry about the digital safety of your child wondering where they are, who they are in touch with and what they are doing online. This is where Kids Tracker can help.

With Kids Tacker mobile tracking software you can be rest assured about your child’s safety by tracking their phone remotely, while guarding their independence and online privacy. Stress no more about the online safety of the kids. Kids Tracker best mobile spy software lets you be in control of your child’s mobile activity without restraining them overtly.

Children and mobile devices can be a frightening mix. Whether your toddler has just begun to explore the tablet, or your teen has got a smartphone of his own, Kids Tracker’s mobile tracker free app is the perfect choice for you.

Our cell phone tracking system empowers you to monitor your child’s complete mobile phone usage, right from your phone or laptop from any corner of the world. Right from their live location to their call recordings, social media activity, or chat apps, everything will be at your fingertips with Kids Tracker’s best free child tracking app.

What is Kidstracker?

The ultimate free kid's mobile tracker app for complete freedom of parental control.

Life after COVID is totally different in every aspect, everything around changed to new. How we live, how we learn, and how we work it totally changed.

The same parents who were not giving mobile phones to kids are buying them new phones and tablets for them to study. All schools and colleges switched to online classes, which cant be engaged without the smartphone. It's not just to attend online class, but also to take notes browse about the subject to check for assignments, everything is done for the phone now.

Why Kidstracker?

The smartphone has become inevitable during the current situation for your kids. Track your kids' complete smartphone usage, right from your phone or laptop, anywhere in the world. Track their live location, text, call recordings, social media, chat applications, and whatnot. The best part your kids will not know that you are monitoring them, download the app right now and check out all with our trailblazing technology.

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