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Messaging apps are not designed for kids, but Kids Tracker can put you at ease.

With all the dangers lurking online, there is no safety even in simple messaging services. Although it is impractical to totally shelter your kids, you can have some control over when and what they are messaging.

We need to first comprehend why kids are attracted to messaging apps in the first place. Gone are the days when messaging apps were used for plain text messages. There are many third-party messaging apps that come with advanced features such as app lock, pass code, privacy options, blacklisting, and so on.

Another alarming feature of SMS is MMS through which kids can share any video, even private ones. Kids Tracker’s mobile tracking app can put you at ease by monitoring all your kid’s messages.

To find out what exactly is going on in your child’s SMS inbox, Kids Tracker’s mobile phone tracking app offers SMS tracking services that help you to:

  • Keep track of the message inbox for incoming and outgoing items remotely. View even the deleted messages.
  • Get the count of both received and sent text messages.
  • Accurately get the date and time stamp of the entire text content.
  • View all media files your kid shares via MMS. This ensures no private files are sent or received.

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