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Monitor your kid's activity even on the cleverest chatting app

WhatsApp has taken the texting world by storm and is hugely popular among the generation x. Although WhatsApp texting is a convenient replacement for calling, it is a stealth chatting app. Your kids can create any number of groups that you may not find it necessary to keep a tab on.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp offers cover for cyber bullying, inappropriate content, and strangers to hack group chats. WhatsApp is also an easy way for scammers, phishing and malware to invade a device.

Kids Tracker’s WhatsApp tracking software can track the WhatsApp messages in its entirety so that you can put your fears to rest. Our cell phone tracking software offers you WhatsApp tracker free that helps you to:

  • Access all WhatsApp call logs with time stamps on Android or iPhone devices.
  • View incoming and outgoing messages (including deleted ones) with sender and recipient names
  • Decipher your child’s status even if they have made it private.
  • Check and download all multimedia files such as photos and videos that are sent or received

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