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See what your child is up to on the most “happening” social media platform

Facebook, the most popular social media platform opens a whole new world in digital communication especially for the younger generation. But unfortunately, Facebook is replete with predators and cyber bullies. Another worrisome fact is that young kids too have accounts on Facebook and their curious, gullible age makes them believe whatever they see or hear online.

By constantly supervising your kid’s Facebook and Messenger account, you can monitor what he is writing and who he is talking to and minimize his exposure to online evils. Kids Tracker offers the best Facebook spy app that allows you to monitor your child’s Facebook account round the clock. The Facebook tracking software of Kids Tracker can help you to:

  • Read all sent and received messages on Facebook.
  • Monitor your child’s Facebook conversations.
  • Moderate all conversations on Facebook messenger including group chats.
  • Get to know the timestamp of your child’s Facebook chats so that you know if he is fooling around during school hours.
  • View all videos, images, and other multimedia files exchanged by your child via Facebook Messenger.
  • See and download the entire Facebook chat history and live chats.
  • Access all pictures uploaded on your child’s Facebook account.

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