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Monitoring Apps

Decide which apps your child can and cannot use

Whether your child is using an iPhone, Android or a tablet, he has access to thousands of applications. While some of them are educational, informative and entertaining, there are certain apps that add no value and in fact may pose danger to your child.

Although the apps on Play Store and App Store are verified by the creators, a few of them slip through without moderation. They may be removed later but the damage may have happened before that. Several of these apps target teens and kids. The cell phone tracking software of Kids Tracker allows you to decide what apps are suitable for your children and what are not. Our mobile phone tracking online capability has a built-in Apps monitoring feature that can help you to:

  • Get the complete list of applications installed on your child’s mobile device.
  • View the details of each app including the name and version.
  • Block unwanted and inappropriate apps so that kids don’t download them on their device.

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